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Know About US

What is an About Us Page?

An about us page is a specific page on your website where visitors can go if they want to learn more about you or your company. They can be called by many different names including about, about me, our story, mission, etc. 

But, the purpose is always the same: To tell website visitors who you are and why they should choose your business. 

And the purpose is the same whether you’re a new blogger or a giant eCommerce company. 

Because when a visitor first lands on your website, you’re a stranger to them. They have to get to know you in order to want to read your blog posts, subscribe to your email newsletter, or buy what you’re selling. 

So, the about us page is your chance to share your story, build a connection, and convince visitors to trust you. 

An about us page typically includes:

  • The history of your business and why you started it
  • What makes you and your brand unique
  • Photos of you/your team, to put a face behind your business
  • Your business’ core values and beliefs 
  • Why customers should choose you

Now that you know what an about us page is, let’s dive into some of the best about us pages on the web.